Virtual CISO (VCISO)

Managing cyber security in today’s world is almost indescribably tough. Many business leadership teams don’t feel up to the challenge, or they understand that outside firepower can enhance a security model.

Any Company that is struggling to implement security, comply with industry regulations, and outpace competitors, CW vCISO can help!

CW Virtual CISO is designed to provide expert security guidance through:

Additionally, if your organization is looking to comply with cyber security regulations and standards, our vCISO can help you walkthrough PCI DSS engagement, ISMS ISO27001 assessment, State Bank / Central Bank security audit programs, EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), BCP / DRP engagements, Risk assessments etc. We pride ourselves in adapting to the culture of the client organization. This culture match increases the likelihood of success and reduced client risk. CW vCISO works with your executive and technical teams to get superior results.

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