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General Data Protection

General Data Protection

General Data Protection

Our process has been designed to identify key areas where operational changes will be required, and to assist the organization in prioritizing efforts for GDPR compliance. Assist in assessing the process to identify, locate, classify and map the flow of GDPR-protected data. Assessing the process of accountability and responsibility in terms of data governance as per GDPR requirements. Focuses on assessing appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect EU residents’ personal data from loss or unauthorized access or disclosure. Identify and assess the requirements of third-party vendors with which you share personal data of EU residents. Assessment of GDPR’s data breach notification and communication requirements. Privacy risks and data protection safeguards of new projects.

GDPR is a major turning point for organizations, and has incentivized them to accelerate their digital transformation efforts as well as build stronger businesses that can thrive and build trust with customers into the next decade. We have established the outline to cater the articles of GDPR and recommend the best outcome based on business understanding and overall dynamics of the operations. Our consultants are well capable and aware of GDPR chapters, articles and recitals. Our unique way to approach data privacy and compliance inline with business with GDPR.

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