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Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assesment

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assesment

Compliance Wing’s Attack Surface Baseline delivers a comprehensive report that is easy to understand and facilitates informed decisions. The ASB can be tailored to address all or a customized scope of External, Internal and Wireless network testing and assessment. Mobile Application; Web Application; Cloud Services and Virtual infrastructure and Social Engineering Testing and Assessment. 

As part of the ASB, Compliance Wing can deploy its tools, a state of the art assessment and remediation tool that allows operations to identify exposed credentials, which may lead to major network breaches.

Penetration Tests have become “lowest bidder” services, offering routine results that don’t increase an organization’s cyber IQ or expose process or technology weaknesses. Compliance Wing’s methodology the Attack Surface Baseline (ASB) assessment, provides our clients with an advanced Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment service beyond what is offered by the rest of the cybersecurity industry.

We differentiate ourselves by addressing the technical, functional and risk-driven aspects of a client’s enterprise while applying knowledge of the client’s business model and processes to place context around vulnerabilities and threat exposure.

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Compliance Wing was founded by the team of Information Security experts with years of experience in the field of payment systems as fully independent security assessors.

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