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PCI Security standard for every Entity that store, process or transmit cardholder data and/or sensitive authentication data. We provide full range of services including initial gap-assessment, remediation support, penetration testing, ASV scans and final (annual) audit.

Our flexible approach means we can tailor our PCI DSS service specifically to your requirements and budget. The exercise consist of all the core areas that needs to be taken care off in understanding the environment and making it compliant and ensuring its compliance to the next level i.e. maintaining certification. A detailed Gap Analysis that includes full PCI DSS Discovery and Scoping with a view to reducing the overall cost of compliance.

Compliance Wing PCI Consultants are qualified, so you can have confidence that our assessment services meet the highest professional standards. Our approach in delivering the best reporting that covers:

  • A definition of your Cardholder Data Environment (CDE).
  • Mappings of in-scope business processes, applications, devices, networks, facilities and service providers – all the information you need to fully define the scope and boundaries of your CDE.
  • An assessment of each of the PCI DSS requirements applicable to your organisation.
  • Compliance scores that show your organisation’s compliance ratings against PCI DSS as a whole, each of the 12 PCI DSS requirements, as well as the 6 milestones of the PCI DSS Prioritised Approach.
  • Detailed recommendations for each non-compliant PCI DSS requirement.
  • Recommendations for reducing the scope of the CDE, where applicable, thus reducing the potential cost of compliance.
  • Advice regarding your organisation’s best options for achieving PCI DSS compliance quickly and cost-effectively, drawing upon our QSA’s experience working with similar organisations.