‘Seeking Asian Female’ Provides A Detailed Glance At A Fetish

Filmmaker Debbie Lum poses with Steven and Sandy, her documentary subjects, to their big day. Susan Munroe/Seeking Asian Female hide caption

Susan Munroe/Seeking Asian Female

It is difficult to view looking for Asian Female, Debbie Lum’s uncomfortably close glance at the occurrence some call “yellow fever” — whenever often non-Asian guys fetishize Asian females as intimate or intimate partners — without squirming. As well as very first, it seems like it had beenn’t really easy for Lum to report the sensation.

“I experienced to battle the desire to make around and then leave, ” Lum claims in a voiceover, appropriate before she fulfills brightbrides.net/bulgarian-brides the smoothness we understand just as “Steven” for the first-time. (more…)

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